People – our greatest asset and our greatest risk.

Unlock the power of mediation and coaching to transform your workplace dynamics. As a people and culture specialist, I understand the value of resolving issues collaboratively rather than resorting to formal disciplinary procedures, which can strain relationships and incur unnecessary costs.

I offer a different approach to conflict resolution and professional development. My services are tailored to individuals or teams, and I prioritise preserving relationships, saving resources, and fostering a culture of growth and collaboration. I support employers and HR professionals to resolve disputes and build robust and sustainable relationships to benefit your employees and your organisation as a whole.


Whether you’re at a crossroads in your relationship, contemplating separation, or navigating the complexities post-separation, I offer a comprehensive range of services to support you. I work with you to define your goals and outcomes providing a safe and non-judgemental space to achieve the best outcome for you and your family.

From decision-making assistance and communication coaching to emotional management and mediation, I provide a holistic approach tailored to your needs. As a dual certified divorce and an accredited mediator, I bring a unique blend of expertise to empower with clarity and confidence.

I provide compassionate guidance and effective strategies to help you achieve resolution and foster positive outcomes during this period of change.