I am a conflict resolution specialist and my work in both the personal and workplace spaces is grounded in the principles of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

I originally trained as an educator while juggling part-time work in the hospitality industry. What started as a means to survive financially while I studied, became a vocation. I gained extensive experience in Operations, Human Resources and Management over two decades. The high energy environment combined with late nights, young staff and lots of alcohol, provided the perfect environment for honing my coaching and conflict management skills.

My level of comfort with conflict eventually  led me to become a certified mediator. As a proud member of Resolution Institute, I have gained valuable experience in facilitating even longstanding and complex disputes.

This line of work exposed me to the pain and complexities people experience when going through divorce and separation. Even in workplace mediations, many issues started when one of the individuals was going through a divorce and became less productive, less patient, and less resilient.

This inspired me to look for ways to support people through this challenging time. I recognized that there was a need for specialized coaching prior to mediation. It seemed that there was so much unresolved conflict, lack of understanding of values and needs and ingrained patterns of behaviour that made reaching a resolution very challenging. This led me to become a certified divorce coach who utilies an ADR framework to support people in negotiation, communication and peaceful co-parenting.

In recognition that the “divorce coaching” industry in New Zealand is very new and not yet regulated, along with two experienced coaches, I have co-founded the Divorce and Separation Coaching Institute of New Zealand. I also provide training and mentorship as the Director of Learning and Development for DCA – the only course providing certification in a curriculum specific to Aotearoa (to find out more about training as an ADRDC, head to www.divorcecoachesacademy.com).

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